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Discover the True Essence of PREMIUM QUALITY COFFEE

Experience the rich and complex flavors of our premium, expertly roasted coffee beans.

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Local, International and Flavored Varieties

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Bean Block Sagada Arabica Dark
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Taste the difference
Freshly grind upon request

Taste the difference of our carefully roasted coffee beans

Freshly grind
upon request

Craft your coffee experience
We roast our coffee
Coffee bean refills

Indulge your coffee cravings with our "Craft your Coffee"

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Bring your own container to enjoy discounts for Coffee Bean refills

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The Roast of the Town

Our coffee roasting process is a true art, one that requires precision, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of  the complex chemistry of coffee. We are proud to be part of the vibrant coffee community, and we are  committed in providing the best tasting coffee there is.

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Customer's Testimonial

"I finally had the time to drop by their shop, which looked amazing! I wanted to write this because the owner was very passionate about his work. You can tell it in the way he talks to us, customers! And yes, their coffee was excellent!"

"They don’t follow the trend, they keep their coffee simple and let the taste of their bean work for them, and it does! I’ve never had Sagada arabica taste like what I had tasted Before, so kudos! I will definitely be coming back."

- Rozalliene, from Bean Block's Facebook Review

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The Brewing Community

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15 Unique Flavors

For Every Mood

Satisfy your Cravings with our Distinctive Flavors and Variants

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